August 26-31, 2022, opinions

(Abbreviated summaries on this group of opinions, due to some heavy briefing obligations in our practice that have shortened our time to draft more detailed summaries of these opinions) Designated for publication Unpublished

August 16, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Huskey v. Jones, 19-60588, appeal from N.D. Miss. Stewart, J. (Higginbotham, Stewart, Wilson), prisoner suit Reversing summary judgment dismissing plaintiff’s suit arising from conduct while he was incarcerated at the Mississippi State Penitentiary. The Court held that the plaintiff showed a genuine issue of fact as to the availability of administrative remedies. … More August 16, 2022, opinions

July 14, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Fairchild v. Coryell County, 20-50237, appeal from W.D. Tex. Costa, J. (Jolly, Southwick, Costa), excessive force, qualified immunity Reversing summary judgment in favor of jailer defendants and county on plaintiffs’ excessive force claims arising from the jailers’ forceful pinning of a pretrial detainee to the floor of her cell until she died, … More July 14, 2022, opinions

July 8, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication U.S. v. Kelley, 20-30436, appeal from W.D. La. Elrod, J. (King, Elrod, Southwick), habeas corpus Vacating district court’s denial of habeas relief on petitioner’s § 2255 petition, holding that the Supreme Court’s decision in Rehaif v. United States, 139 S. Ct. 2191, 219 (2019), that knowledge of felony status is an essential … More July 8, 2022, opinions

July 7, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Glenn v. Tyson Foods, Inc., 21-40622, c/w Chavez v. Tyson Foods, Inc., 21-11110, appeals from E.D. Tex. and N.D. Tex. Willett, J. (Willett, Engelhardt, Wilson), federal officer jurisdiction, removal Affirming district courts’ remand orders for claims against Tyson Foods arising from its decision to keep its poultry processing plants open during the … More July 7, 2022, opinions

July 6, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication U.S. v. Caldwell, 21-10509, appeal from N.D. Tex. per curiam (Richman, Costa, Ho), habeas corpus Reversing district court’s grant of relief on § 2255 petition, holding that petitioner’s guilty-plea waiver barred collateral attack even where based on a substantive change in the law. Texas v. U.S., 22-40367, appeal from S.D. Tex. per … More July 6, 2022, opinions

July 1-5, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Guijarro v. Enterprise Holdings, Inc., 21-40512, appeal from S.D. Tex. Costa, J. (Richman, Costa, Ho), personal tort Affirming denial of remand to state court, and dismissal of claims against car rental company arising from car accident involving Jeep rented to plaintiffs by defendant. As to removal jurisdiction, the Court held first that … More July 1-5, 2022, opinions

June 30, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication South Central Houston Action Council v. Oak Baptist Church, 21-20559, appeal from S.D. Tex. Jones, J. (Jones, Elrod, Higginson), bankruptcy, magistrate jurisdiction Vacating affirmance of summary judgment entered by bankruptcy court, where on appeal to district court the district court had referred the bankruptcy appeal to a magistrate with the parties’ consent. … More June 30, 2022, opinions

June 20-28, 2022, opinions

(Still in catch-up mode here, so the opinions designated for publication will get the same brief treatment as the unpublished opinions …) Designated for publication Whole Woman’s Health v. Young, 18-50730, appeal from W.D. Tex. per curiam (Barksdale, Stewart, Costa), abortion law Vacating injunction of Texas law regarding disposal of embryonic and fetal tissue after … More June 20-28, 2022, opinions