June 7-12, 2022, opinions

(Still in catch-up mode here, so the opinions designated for publication will get the same brief treatment as the unpublished opinions …) Designated for publication Crittindon v. LeBlanc, 20-30304, appeal from M.D. La. Higginbotham, J. (Higginbotham, Costa, Oldham), Oldham, J., dissenting; qualified immunity Affirming in part and reversing in part denial of qualified immunity for … More June 7-12, 2022, opinions

January 6, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Seguin v. Remington Arms Co., 17-30499, appeal from E.D. La. Southwick, J. (Owen, Dennis, Southwick), Dennis, J., dissenting; products liability, jurisdiction Certifying question to the Louisiana Supreme Court of whether plaintiff’s products liability claim against gun manufacturer arising from injury from accidental discharge of her father’s hunting rifle on a hunting trip … More January 6, 2022, opinions

June 24, 2021 opinions

Unpublished Creuzot v. Green, 19-10864, appeal from N.D. Tex. per curiam (Clement, Higginson, Engelhardt), appellate jurisdiction Dismissing appeal for lack of jurisdiction, where appellant timely appealed from a merits judgment under the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which was separate from a later-issued fee award judgment, but appellant only briefed the fee-award issue that was not … More June 24, 2021 opinions

June 18 and 21, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication Huawei Technologies USA, Inc. v. Federal Communications Commission, 19-60896, petition for review of FCC Order Duncan, J. (Elrod, Duncan, Wilson), administrative law, Administrative Procedures Act, ripeness, vagueness, Due Process Denying petition for review of FCC order barring recipients of federal telephone and internet service subsidies from purchasing equipment or services from companies … More June 18 and 21, 2021 opinions

Take the Fifth: May 28, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication International Energy Ventures Management, LLC v. United Energy Group, Ltd., 20-20221, appeal from S.D. Tex. Oldham, J. (Haynes, Higginson, Oldham), arbitration Reversing district court’s judgment compelling arbitration on a finding that the defendant had not been prejudiced by the plaintiff’s (which was the party moving to compel arbitration) litigation conduct during the … More Take the Fifth: May 28, 2021 opinions

Take the Fifth: April 6 and 7, 2021 opinions

Brackeen v. Haaland, 18-11479, appeal from N.D. Tex. per curiam (Owen, Jones, Smith, Wiener, Stewart, Dennis, Elrod, Southwick, Haynes, Graves, Higginson, Costa, Willett, Duncan, Engelhardt, Oldham), Indian Child Welfare Act, standing, Administrative Procedures Act No one principal opinion commanded a majority of the en banc Court as to the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare … More Take the Fifth: April 6 and 7, 2021 opinions

Take the Fifth: Jan. 12 and 13, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication U.S. v. Parkerson, 19-10780, appeal from N.D. Tex. Jolly, J. (Jolly, Southwick, Wilson), criminal, sentencing Affirming 120-month statutory maximum prison term for failure to register as a sex offender where sentencing guidelines range was 18-24 months. The presentencing report (“PSR”) referred to an excerpt from a police report of an incident where … More Take the Fifth: Jan. 12 and 13, 2021 opinions