May 13, 2022, opinions

Catching up on the blog after some non-stop over-drive briefing weeks, so both published and unpublished opinions will only contain summary disposition information and not the usual fuller descriptions. Designated for publication Owens v. Circassia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 21-10760, appeal from N.D. Tex. Engelhardt, J. (Willett, Engelhardt, Wilson), employment discrimination Affirming summary judgment for employer in … More May 13, 2022, opinions

October 13-14, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication Hawkins v. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 20-20281, appeal from S.D. Tex. Wiener, J. (Wiener, Dennis, Duncan), Duncan, J., dissenting; Administrative Procedure Act, Fair Housing Act Reversing district court’s dismissal of plaintiffs’ APA and FHA claims against HUD, holding that HUD is bound by its prior self-imposed obligation to provide … More October 13-14, 2021 opinions

Take the Fifth: April 13, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication Impax Laboratories, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission, 19-60394, petition for review of order of the FTC Costa, J. (Southwick, Costa, Duncan), antitrust law Denying petition for review of FTC order that concluded a rule-of-reason analysis to determine that the respondent’s acceptance more than $100 million in reverse payment settlements to delay the … More Take the Fifth: April 13, 2021 opinions