May 11, 2022, opinions

Catching up on the blog after some non-stop over-drive briefing weeks, so both published and unpublished opinions will only contain summary disposition information and not the usual fuller descriptions. Designated for publication Badgerow v. Walters, 19-30766, appeal from E.D. La. per curiam (Jolly, Graves, Duncan), arbitration On remand from U.S. Supreme Court, reversing district court’s … More May 11, 2022, opinions

July 7, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication Health Choice Alliance, L.L.C. v. Eli Lilly & Co., 19-40906, appeal from E.D. Tex. Elrod, J., (Higginbotham, Elrod, Haynes), Higginbotham, J., concurring; False Claims Act, qui tam Affirming dismissal of Health Choice entities’ qui tam actions under the False Claims Act, on the United States’ motion to dismiss the actions. The Health … More July 7, 2021 opinions

Take the Fifth: April 26, 2021 opinions

Designated for publication Sanchez v. Oliver, 20-50282, appeal from W.D. Tex. Clement, J. (Jones, Clement, Graves), qualified immunity, deliberate indifference Reversing district court’s summary judgment dismissal of deliberate indifference claim against clinical social worker who had taken pretrial detainee off suicide watch prior to his committing suicide, and remanding for further proceedings. The victim’s mother … More Take the Fifth: April 26, 2021 opinions