February 22, 2022, opinions

Unpublished Nswohnonomi v. Garland, 20-60882, petition for review of BIA order per curiam (Jolly, Willett, Engelhardt), immigration Denying in part and dismissing in part Cameroonian citizen’s petition for review of BIA order dismissing the appeal of a decision in which an Immigration Judge (IJ) denied his applications for asylum, withholding of removal, and relief under … More February 22, 2022, opinions

February 21, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Wilson v. City of Bastrop, 21-30204, appeal from W.D. La. Duncan, J. (Jones, Higginson, Duncan), qualified immunity Affirming summary judgment dismissal on qualified immunity grounds in suit against police officer arising from fatal shooting of an armed suspect, and dismissing for lack of appellate jurisdiction appeal from dismissal of claims against city … More February 21, 2022, opinions

February 18, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Newsom v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co., 20-10994, c/w 21-10519, appeal from N.D. Tex. Wilson, J. (Higginbotham, Stewart, Wilson), ERISA Affirming in part and vacating in part–affirming district court’s judgment that plaintiff is eligible for long-term disability benefits and the alleged date of his disability, but vacating judgment as to entitlement to … More February 18, 2022, opinions

February 17, 2022, opinions

Unpublished Herndon v. U.S., 20-10688, appeal from N.D. Tex. per curiam (Smith, Stewart, Graves), Federal Tort Claims Act Affirming summary judgment dismissal of former prisoner’s medical malpractice claim under the FTCA. Guzman v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 20-11123, appeal from N.D. Tex. per curiam (Davis, Jones, Elrod), habeas corpus Affirming dismissal of former immigration … More February 17, 2022, opinions

February 16, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Dillon Gage, Inc. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyds, 20-10262, appeal from N.D. Tex. Graves, J. (Barksdale, Southwick, Graves), insurance After receiving answer to certified question from Texas Supreme Court, affirming district court’s summary judgment dismissing claim against insurer arising from million-dollar-plus loss of plaintiff who sent gold coins to a thief who … More February 16, 2022, opinions

February 15, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Craig v. Martin, 19-10013, appeal from N.D. Tex. Owen, C.J. (Owen, Barksdale, Duncan), qualified immunity Reversing denial of qualified immunity summary judgment on excessive force claims and rendering judgment in favor of police officer defendant. The Court held that the video evidence showed that it was not objectively unreasonable for the officer … More February 15, 2022, opinions

February 14, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication McFarland v. Lumpkin, 19-70011, appeal from S.D. Tex. per curiam (Higginbotham, Southwick, Willett), habeas corpus, ineffective assistance of counsel, Brady claim, Sixth Amendment Affirming denial of habeas relief, after having granted COA on denial of claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, Brady violation, and Sixth Amendment violation. Reminiscent of the original panel … More February 14, 2022, opinions

February 11, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication B.A. Kelly Land Co. v. Aethon Energy Operating, L.L.C., 20-30090, appeal from W.D. La. Dennis, J. (Higginbotham, Smith, Dennis), mineral law Reversing in part, rendering in part, vacating in part, and affirming in part district court’s summary judgment in favor of defendant operator of two oil and gas production units and denial … More February 11, 2022, opinions

February 10, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication Earnest v. Sanofi U.S. Services, Inc., 20-30184, appeal from E.D. La. Wilson, J. (Ho, Oldham, Wilson), products liability, expert witness Reversing district court’s judgment in favor of manufacturer of chemotherapy drug in products liability case arising from allegations of permanent hair loss, on basis that the district court erroneously allowed defendant to … More February 10, 2022, opinions

February 9, 2022, opinions

Designated for publication VSP Labs, Inc. v. Hillair Capital Investments, L.P., 20-10885, appeal from N.D. Tex. Higginbotham, J. (Higginbotham, Willett, Duncan), bankruptcy Affirming district court and bankruptcy court orders prohibiting one non-debtor from asserting claims against two other non-debtors. VSP had entered into a technology-sharing agreement with Pro Fix Optix (“PFO”). VSP brought a breach … More February 9, 2022, opinions